The rules, redefined.

Made and tested by legal people, for legal people.


Every time you open up a Rule or a Court Form, Compliant will automatically cache it for offline use.  It'll then automatically update every time you open it when you connect to the internet again.


The website can be tricky to navigate, particularly on your mobile.  We use the same content but make it easier to navigate and digest.  There are additional features behind the buttons.


If you frequently use a particular Rule or Court Form, it can be tricky to keep track of all your links.  Compliant has a page dedicated to your 'favourites', keeping them all in one place.

What is Compliant?

Compliant is a reference tool for legal professionals and students that compiles the English and Welsh legal system's Procedure Rules in a streamlined and intuitive interface.


Compliant is still the Rules as you know them - the basic content is exactly the same.  So what is the point of another app?  Aside from being so much easier to navigate, Compliant has a bunch of other features that make it special.  Whether you're a student, legal professional, barrister, solicitor - or even a Judge - Compliant can help make your job just that little bit easier by pooling all the resources you need in one place.


Currently supporting the Civil Procedure Rules and various tools such as the Court Finder and A-Z Court's list, 'favourite' Rules feature, and integrated offline-storing of Rules and constantly updating Practice Directions, Compliant really is a one-stop-shop.  Keeping things streamlined, if you're heading off to Court, you can jump from a Court page straight into your phone's Maps application for directions or just to get your bearings on the location.


Compliant has functionality for both beginners and experts.  If you know exactly what you're looking for and where to find it, then tap in the Rule number and let the app take you there without any fuss.  Not sure what you're looking for?  Use the search page in a neat, clean and distraction-free format just like you might do on the website, then jump into a Rule as you wish.  You can even search for words or phrases on the Rules pages like a standard web-browser.  Everything is just easier.


Aside from the obvious simplicity, there are a few features that help Compliant stand out.

Add any Rule (and its Practice Directions) to your 'Favourites' within the app, with just the tap of a button, no more messy bookmarks!

Tools available on website are reformatted and reworked into app format, such as the Court Finder and all Court Forms.

Compliant automatically updates itself every time you open a Rule.  It's constantly checking for new and updated Practice Directions.

Compliant automatically stores every Rule (and its Practice Directions) for offline use, so it doesn't matter where you are when you need it.

Compliant is lightweight, so even if you've got every Rule and Practice Direction saved (that's a lot), the app won't overburden your phone!

No nonsense search features are integrated into the Rules pages, and there's a streamlined Search tool for the site

Compliant is now in BETA testing!

Compliant is available for BETA testing now! Head over to the Download page and follow the simple instructions on how to use Apple's TestFlight to install the BETA and provide your feedback on the existing features, as well as features you'd like to see in future releases!


Compliant for your business or university

Compliant is intended to be as accessible as possible, so whether you're interested in a bulk license of Compliant for your business or university, you can reach out to us directly.  On certain plans, we can even customise your edition of Compliant to match your brand!





No nonsense user interface, built with ease-of-use in mind.

Streamlined, trimmed, tidied.  It's the same stuff you're used to, just neater.

Designed to bring multiple resources together into one place.  #Productive


If you've joined our BETA we'd love to hear about your experience using our app and how well it runs on your device.  Feedback on features that work well (or don't work as expected!) and any features or improvements you'd like to see in future can shape the direction we take Compliant in the future.


We know that reviews often help prospective buyers make a decision whether to make a purchase or not, so your honest reviews are especially important to us.  If you've purchased our app through the App Store, we'd be super grateful if you could leave your honest review on there for the world to see.  If you'd rather send us your review directly, we may even use it on our website!